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Movies starring "Ronnie Ricketts"

Rent Dayo
Dayo (2003)
Starring:Regine Tolentino, Ronnie Ricketts
In a time in the not-so-distant future when the world is reeling from the effects of World War III, a soldier of fortune (Ronnie Rickets) stands in front of the grave of his mother. He makes a solemn vow to find his younger sister (Angelika Panganiban) who was abducted by a group of armed men. The m... read more


Lagot Ka Sa Kuya Ko
Rent Lagot Ka Sa Kuya Ko
Lagot Ka Sa Kuya Ko (2006)
Starring:John Apacible, Nadine Samonte, Ronnie Ricketts
Plot Synopsis: Lagot Ka Sa Kuya Ko revolves around the life of two siblings who grew up in different worlds. Alex (Ronnie Ricketts) is a taxi driver who moonlights as an underground street fighter. His sister Sarah (Nadine Samonte) is a US-bred teenager who just got back in the country with their ... read more


Mano Mano 3
Rent Mano Mano 3
Mano Mano 3 (2004)
Starring:Ronnie Ricketts
Mano Mano 3: Arnis...The Lost Art.
An action filled movie showcasing the dying Filipino martial art of Arnis de Mano.
This is a story of Nato Aragon, an arnis champion seeking vengeance for the death of his policeman brother. Eventually, Nato gets involved with an arnis fight promoter... read more


Rent Uno
Uno (2005)
Starring:Monsour Del Rosario, Ronnie Ricketts
“Uno” is the most dangerous professional assassin in Asia. He strikes fast with deadly efficiency. He leaves a trademark shot pattern on his victims which identifies UNO as the killer. After investigating the UNO case for some time, the police suspect that there is actually more than one hitman ... read more