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Movies starring "Klaudia Koronel"

Live Show
Rent Live Show
Live Show (2001)
Starring:Ana Capri, Hazel Espinosa, Klaudia Koronel
A film about the men and women who constantly struggle with poverty and engage in sleazy acts if only for their survival in a world losing its grip on hope and the impossibility of finding real happiness looming over their heads.
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Live Show Uncut
Rent Live Show Uncut
Live Show Uncut (2008)
Starring:Ana Capri, Hazel Espinosa, Klaudia Koronel
Directed by: Jose Javier Reyes
LIVE SHOW explores the intertwined lives of six individuals who are engaged in the dismal business of a sexual show. The film spotlights on the testimonial of Rolly (Paolo Rivero), who learned the flesh trade at an early age to survive the pangs of hunger.

Branded as one of the most c... read more


Narito Ang Puso Ko
Rent Narito Ang Puso Ko
Narito Ang Puso Ko (2009)
Starring:Gabby Conception, Klaudia Koronel, Lorna Tolentino, Nanette Medved
Ellen and Louie are stranged lovers whose son is accidentally shot by Tato, a son of a prominent politician. However, in their constant vigil besides their comatose son, their feelings towards each other are rekindled, hence bringing anger to Suzette, Louie's current live-in lover. Meanwhile, Ellen ... read more


Sizzling Sex Scenes
Rent Sizzling Sex Scenes
Sizzling Sex Scenes (2005)
Starring:Ara Mina, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Angela Velez, Ana Capri, Aubrey Miles, Hazel Espinosa, Ina Raymundo, Klaudia Koronel
Whatever its name, whether bomba or bold, FF or TF, the sexy film has been a staple of Philippine Cinema since the early Seventies. Regal Films has been making the big screen sizzle longer than any other movie company in the Philippines today. What you hold in your hands is the most titillating comp... read more


Sizzling Sex Scenes Vol. 2
Rent Sizzling Sex Scenes Vol. 2
Sizzling Sex Scenes Vol. 2 (2005)
Starring:Ana Capri, Ara Mina, Assunta De Rossi, Aubrey Miles, Halina Perez, Hazel Espinosa, Klaudia Koronel
Pinoy Sex Videos: Sizzling Sex Scenes volume 02 is an ALL-NEW sequel to the best-selling Sizzling Sex Scenes Volume 01!

Featuring scenes of lesbianism, orgies, live shows and more, this heart-pounding collection is bound to leave you flush with excitement!

Let your de... read more