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Movies starring "Jennifer Lee"

Bosom Bodies
Rent Bosom Bodies
Bosom Bodies (2007)
Starring:Jennifer Lee, Sheree -
Scream. Wail. Screech. These vixens will rock your world. Steamy rock and roll. Burning guitars. Hot and heavy striptease. Rousing erotic performances. Get ready as the top two fantasy Hot Babes Sheree and Jennifer Lee srt the stage ablaze in Bosom Bodies. Provocative, gothic rock vignettes you won'... read more


Co-ed Scandal
Rent Co-ed Scandal
Co-ed Scandal (2006)
Starring:Jennifer Lee, Avi Siwa, Ryan Eigenmann
Directed by: Robert Quebral
Two girls and a boy of barely legal age are caught having sex on tape. Who are they? Why did they do it? Where are they now? The film draws answers from the urban legends that grew around the controversial sex videos and the result is a humorous narrative with elements of mock documentary. Leo (Ryan... read more