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Movies starring "Halina Perez"

Kirot Sa Dibdib
Rent Kirot Sa Dibdib
Kirot Sa Dibdib (2004)
Starring:Halina Perez
Serena Luna is the most alluring woman in the rustic island called PLata. Alas, Serenas beauty only brings her problems as all men on the island only seem to want her for themselves. She tries her best to leave, not only to save herself from a doomed fate, but more importantly to find her mother Mil... read more


Sex Travaganza
Rent Sex Travaganza
Sex Travaganza (2009)
Starring:Alma Soriano, Clarissa Mercado, Halina Perez, Kat De Santos, May Tongco, Nika Madrid, Raja Montero, Red Riviera, Tracy Torres, Yani Garcia, Ynez Veneracion
Sex in the Philippine Cinema - An all star cast.... read more


Sizzling Sex Scenes Vol. 2
Rent Sizzling Sex Scenes Vol. 2
Sizzling Sex Scenes Vol. 2 (2005)
Starring:Ana Capri, Ara Mina, Assunta De Rossi, Aubrey Miles, Halina Perez, Hazel Espinosa, Klaudia Koronel
Pinoy Sex Videos: Sizzling Sex Scenes volume 02 is an ALL-NEW sequel to the best-selling Sizzling Sex Scenes Volume 01!

Featuring scenes of lesbianism, orgies, live shows and more, this heart-pounding collection is bound to leave you flush with excitement!

Let your de... read more