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Movies starring "Gardo Verzosa"

Ang Kabit Ni Mrs. Montero
Rent Ang Kabit Ni Mrs. Montero
Ang Kabit Ni Mrs. Montero (2020)
Starring:Edu Manzano, Gardo Verzosa, Patricia Javier
What drives a married woman to seek another man? What kind of hunger is there that compels her to crave? What sort of fire incites her to embrace sin? A daring adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's controversial novel, "Lady Chatterley's Lover," ANG KABIT NI MRS. MONTERO tells the story of a young, beautifu... read more


Rent Animal
Animal (2004)
Starring:Gardo Verzosa, John Regala, Pyar Mirasol, Via Veloso
Jaco(John Regala) is feared by the people in their own town. Together with his gang. Jaco creates terror and havoc. They pick fights, take drugs, hit on women. Jaco and his cohorts get away with it because Jacos family is rich and influential. Until one day when a woman Jaco molests and leaves for d... read more


Babae Sa Breakwater (Woman in the Breakwater)
Rent Babae Sa Breakwater (Woman in the Breakwater)
Babae Sa Breakwater (Woman in the Breakwater) (2005)
Starring:Al Cris Galura, Amy Austria, Gardo Verzosa, Katherine Luna, Kristoffer King, Yoyoy Villame
Woman of the Breakwater is a movie collage in the vein of Kurosawa's Dodes'kaden, a group portrait of the down-and-outs who make their home alongside the Manila Bay breakwater, a ramshackle community of beggars, scavengers and hookers.

The picture is animated by the arrival of two br... read more


Bigay Hilig
Rent Bigay Hilig
Bigay Hilig (2003)
Starring:Gardo Verzosa, Carlos Morales, Red Riviera, Rizza Licaros, Vanessa Ferrari
Directed by: Joven Tan
Bigay Hilig features Rizza Licaros, Vanessa Ferrari and Red Riviera
... read more


Maalaala Mo Kaya Vol 10
Rent Maalaala Mo Kaya Vol 10
Maalaala Mo Kaya Vol 10 (2006)
Starring:Gardo Verzosa, Kris Aquino, Leandro Munoz, Manilyn Reynes, Marvin Agustine, Philip Salvador
Lapida - Phillip Salvador, Kris Aquino & Julio Pacheco

Espada- Marvin Agustin, Leandro Munoz & Juan Rodrigo

Traysikel- Manilyn Reynes, Gardo Verzosa & Winnie Monsod ... read more


Maalala Mo Kaya - Gay Episodes
Rent Maalala Mo Kaya - Gay Episodes
Maalala Mo Kaya - Gay Episodes (2007)
Starring: , Carlo Aquino, Gardo Verzosa, Jiro Manio, Roderick Paulate, Rustom Padilla, TJ Trinidad
Directed by: Cathy Garcia-molina
CAKE: Ronald (Gardo Versoza) and Rod (Rustom Padilla) are both OFWs working in the same company in Saudi Arabia. They become very close friends especially when Ronald finds out that his wife in Manila left him leaving their children with his family. Out of depression, Ronald commits suicide by jumpi... read more


Sa Piling Ng Aswang
Rent Sa Piling Ng Aswang
Sa Piling Ng Aswang (2003)
Starring:Gardo Verzosa, Gina Alajar, Maricel Soriano
In Sa Piling Ng Aswang Marya plays a successful carreer woman with awfully busy sked which makes her an absentee sister to younger brod, Cogie. When the latter dies a mysterious death down south on a mountain hiking trip, the pangs of guilt crawl all over Maryas being. Off she goes on a sajourn to h... read more