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Movies starring "Fernando Poe Jr"

Agila Ng Maynila
Rent Agila Ng Maynila
Agila Ng Maynila (2006)
Starring:Paquito Diaz, Fernando Poe Jr.
Mauro Reyes (Fernando Poe Jr.) is an ex-policeman tag as a sharpshooter to the lawbreaker that managed to cope up with the death of his family and became a rescuer ...
In the verge opf adversity that has happened to his family, he beacme so depressed, self-centered and hopeless in lif, until ... read more


Ang Probinsyano
Rent Ang Probinsyano
Ang Probinsyano (2020)
Starring:Amanda Page, Dindi Gallardo, Fernando Poe Jr.
The King of Philippine Cinema, FERNANDO POE Jr, stars as an honest policeman from the province who has just been transferred to the big city. His being "promdi" makes him the butt of many humiliating jokes thrown-in by Manila policemen who believe that their being city-bred guarantees their superior... read more


Ang Syota Kong Balikbayan
Rent Ang Syota Kong Balikbayan
Ang Syota Kong Balikbayan (2006)
Starring:Fernando Poe Jr.
There is a budding romance between a jeepney driver played by the action king Fernando Poe Jr. and beauty queen Anjanette Agbayari, who has just returned home after living for years in the United States, much to the objection of nightclub hostess Maritoni. But before the lovetriangle could be resolv... read more


Batang Quiapo
Rent Batang Quiapo
Batang Quiapo (2003)
Starring:Fernando Poe Jr., Maricel Soriano
A gem among the many films of the King of Philippine Movies, Fernando Poe Jr. is brought back to the new millennium on a new and lasting DVD format. ... read more


Dito Sa Pitong Gatang
Rent Dito Sa Pitong Gatang
Dito Sa Pitong Gatang (2006)
Starring:Fernando Poe Jr., Nanette Medved, Harlene Bautista, Dencio Padilla
Pitong Gatang is a village in Tondo with Berting Cayabyab (Fernando Poe Jr.) as their chairman. He is an effective leader and the people love and respect him. He leads a crusade against gambling and he sees to it that every gambling place in his vicinity is closed down.
But he holds a dark se... read more


Epimaco Velasco NBI the true story
Rent Epimaco Velasco NBI the true story
Epimaco Velasco NBI the true story (2002)
Starring:Fernando Poe Jr.
A Virtuous man dedicated to duty, Empimaco Velasco rose from the ranks to become one of the most admired directors of the National Bureau of Investigation. As an agent, he worked hard to solve amny baffling cases, and as Bureau chief, he spearheaded the NBI in its quest to solve crimes and at the sa... read more


Eseng Ng Tondo
Rent Eseng Ng Tondo
Eseng Ng Tondo (2002)
Starring:Fernando Poe Jr., Ina Raymundo, Jenny Syquia
His name is Eusebio Natividad, but people call him Eseng .45. He is a Manila policeman known for his honesty, fair judgment and incredible markmanship, His fairness in handling cases wins him admirers, but it also earns him enemies who wants him dead. He is married to a wife who, though loving and d... read more


Rent Hagedorn
Hagedorn (2003)
Starring:Fernando Poe Jr., Sharmaine Arnaiz
His dedication to his duty is unrivaled. His heart listens to the clamor of his people. He, too, is a steadfast defender of justice and peace. His uncompromising stand wins him admirers, but it also earns him enemies who will stop at nothing just to see him fall. He is Edward Hagedorn, public servan... read more