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Movies starring "Belinda Bright"

Ang Kapitbahay
Rent Ang Kapitbahay
Ang Kapitbahay (2020)
Starring:Albert Martinez, Belinda Bright
Paula (Belinda Bright) is a blind young woman married to Edmund (Albert Martinez). Their married life is peaceful unti Paula meets Nicanor, a composer who happens to be their neighbor.

Edmund, who has become paranoid after learning about a family curse, suddenly feels troubled after ... read more


She Walks By Night...SSShhh
Rent She Walks By Night...SSShhh
She Walks By Night...SSShhh (2003)
Starring:Belinda Bright, Jay Manalo, Ricky Davao
Directed by: Elwood Perez
On his fathers order, Jason is taken from his lover. When he arrives at his fathers mansion, he meets Belinda and is instantly attracted to her. Because of his long estrangement to his father, Jason is just discovering his father to be a violent person and decides to take Belinda and leave the mansi... read more