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Movies starring "Aya Medel"

Rent Pagsaluhan
Pagsaluhan (2009)
Starring:Aya Medel, Francis Enriquez
A Story that involves a love triangle with a different flavor and excitement. Pagsaluhan stars Aya Medel as Melba, a sexy exotic dancer that captivated the heart of Condrad (Jeffrey Gonzales). Condrad fell in love with Melba the moment he saw her. Though having a live-in partner named Nestor (Franci... read more


Sex in Philippine Cinema 2
Rent Sex in Philippine Cinema 2
Sex in Philippine Cinema 2 (2005)
Starring:Rita Magdalena, Rica Peralejo, Michelle Aldana, Maui Taylor, Kristine Jaca, Katya Santos, Joyce Jimenez, Jessa Zaragossa, Jen Rosendahl, Dindi Gallardo, Aya Medel, Sabrina M
Scorching revelations. Steamy exposes. Fiery disclosures. Hay caliente! If the first one titillated your appetite, this will keep you screaming zingers in your seats. Cavort with Katya. Jones up with Jen. Ditch pristine for Kristine. Marvel at Michelle. Juice it up with Jessa. Rev it up with Rita. A... read more