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Genre: Horror / Suspense

save Animal
Animal ( 2004 )
Starring:Gardo Verzosa, John Regala, Pyar Mirasol, Via Veloso
Jaco(John Regala) is feared by the people in their own town. Together with his gang. Jaco creates terror and havoc. They pick fights, take drugs, hit on women. Jaco and his cohorts get away with it because Jacos family is rich and influential. Until one day when a woman Jaco molests and leaves for d... read more


save Astigmatism
Astigmatism ( 2005 )
Starring:Alessandra De Rossi, Albert Martinez, Francis M, Jeffrey Quizon, Robin Padilla
ASTIGMATISM, an experimental digital film, written and directed by independent filmmaker Jon Red. Shot on mini-digital video, it stars Robin Padilla and tells the story from the point of view and through the eyes of bien, an assassin who suffers from astigmatism. To achieve this effect, Robin also w... read more


Bahay Ni Lola
save Bahay Ni Lola
Bahay Ni Lola ( 2002 )
Starring: , Gina Alajar, Gloria Romero, Manilyn Reynes
Directed by: Uro Dela Cruz
A family on the verge of disintegration vacations in their ancestral home in the province, hoping to end conflicts among one another. The family, however, is terrified by a string of supernatural occurrences, including objects that move by themselves and ghostly apparitions by their long-dead grandm... read more


Bahay Ni Lola 2
save Bahay Ni Lola 2
Bahay Ni Lola 2 ( 2005 )
Starring:Cherry Pie Picache, DingDong Dantes, Gloria Romero, John Lapuz
Directed by: Joven Tan
Rupert (DINGDONG DANTES) & Nina (KARYLLE) are a young, recently-married couple who couldn’t be happier. He’s zooming up the corporate ladder at the ad agency where he works, while she’s a glowing lady who’s just given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Just when they thought that... read more


save Barang
Barang ( 2007 )
Starring:Cristine Reyes, Jacklyn Jose, Jay Manalo, Juliana Palermo
Directed by: Neal Tan
A young woman earns the ire of a witch in the province. The curse carries on even as she passes away. Now a ghost, it's her turn to haunt the living. She sets her eyes on three youngsters for revenge.... read more


rent Blackout
Blackout ( 2007 )
Starring:Iza Calzado, Robin Padilla
Gil Blanco (Robin Padilla), a landlord of an apartment block, suffers frequent blackouts brought about by his excessive drinking. His alcoholism has driven his wife from their home, leaving him to take care of his only child, a son, Nino (John Michael Reyes).

In his despair, Gil promi... read more


rent Dalaw
Dalaw ( 2009 )
Starring:Katrina Halili, Tonton Gutierrez
As desperate as to get a good story, Laarni (Katrina Halili) is a writer went to a town in Cavite to explore about spreading news that there is a ghost who is named Estela (Kristel Fulgar). As the rumor said, Estella usually visits young girls who had their first period.

As per Laarn... read more


Feng Shui
rent Feng Shui
Feng Shui ( 2004 )
Starring:LotLot De Leon, Kris Aquino, Jay Manalo, Ilonah Jean
Directed by: Chito S. Rono
Joy is the unloved wife of husband Inton, whose heart still beats for his old flame. In wishing that luck will finally smile down on her, she chances upon just the thing that she thinks will turn her life around: a bagwa, or a Chinese mirror that is usually placed above doors for it is believed to b... read more