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Genre: Cultural & Educational

Educating Ni-m'o
rent Educating Ni-m'o
Educating Ni-m'o ( 2005 )
A special video featuring some of the endangered ocean creatures, "Educating Ni-m'o" highlights the friendly yet curious fish names Ni-m'o as he journeys through the discovery of the ocean wonders and richness.

Take a glimpse of this marine life and see how we can preserve its beauty... read more


Learning Tagalog Level 1
save Learning Tagalog Level 1
Learning Tagalog Level 1 ( 2008 )
LEARN TAGALOG LEVEL 1 BASIC will give you knowledge of: the alphabet, numbers, time & day, customary greetings, personal & place names as typically encountered by visitors of the Philippines, the general culture of the Filipinos and how an understanding of it facilitates an easier approach to learni... read more


Learning Tagalog Level 2
save Learning Tagalog Level 2
Learning Tagalog Level 2 ( 2008 )
LEARN TAGALOG LEVEL 2 INTERMEDIATE will give you knowledge of: the Basics as presented in the first installment of the Series, the concept that language and culture are intertwined, a wealth of vocabulary, common everyday expressions, requirements in engaging in brief casual conversations, sentence ... read more


Learning Tagalog Level 3
save Learning Tagalog Level 3
Learning Tagalog Level 3 ( 2008 )
LEARN TAGALOG LEVEL 3 ADVANCED will give you knowledge of: the Basics & Intermediate skills as presented in the first two installments of the Series, a wealth of more difficult vocabulary, the tenses, constructing grammatically correct complex sentences, effective sentence transportation, understand... read more


Tagalog For Travelers
save Tagalog For Travelers
Tagalog For Travelers ( 2008 )
TAGALOG FOR TRAVELERS will give you knowledge of: customary greetings, simple Tagalog words and phrases, situations often encountered by visitors, the general culture of the Filipinos, essential tips to ease communication with native speakers, how to make your stay in the Philippines a pleasant one,... read more