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Genre: Drama

Bahay Kubo - A Pinoy Mano Po!
save Bahay Kubo - A Pinoy Mano Po!
Bahay Kubo - A Pinoy Mano Po! ( 2008 )
Starring:Eric Quizon, Gloria Diaz, Maricel Soriano, Mark Herras, Rayver Cruz, Shaina Magdayao, Yasmien Kurdi
Directed by: Joel Lamangan
Bahay Kubo is a story of a woman who got her luck whenever she adopts children as her own child. From a simple probinsyana, the woman's success in life didn't stop up to the moment there lives are already slowly thorn apart. The children are now fighting for there adoptive mother's love and the moth... read more


Bakit Pa Kita Minahal
save Bakit Pa Kita Minahal
Bakit Pa Kita Minahal ( 1994 )
Starring:Aga Muhlach, Kris Aquino, Richard Gomez
Directed by: Chito S. Rono
This film focuses on the plight of two ill-fated sisters separated by the need to live a better life and reuinted in tragedy.

Mirriam (Ruffa Gutierrez), an ambitious woman marries Teddy (Richard Gomez) inspite of her fathers disapproval. Upon her fathers death Lea (Kris Aquino) lives... read more


rent Baryoke
Baryoke ( 2006 )
Starring:Pen Medina, Elizabeth Oropesa, Ronnie Lazaro
Directed by: Ron Bryant
Four diverse barrio women whose sole similarity is their individual repression find salvation and self-worth through the town's "Baryoke" (barrio karaoke).

Lea is an orphan working as a maid in a nearby town, forced to swallow the daily humiliation from their employer. Perla is a bore... read more


Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa
save Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa
Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa ( 1999 )
Starring:Vilma Santos, Serena Dalrymple, Raymond Bagatsing, Carlo Aquino, Ariel Riviera, Albert Martinez
Directed by: Chito S. Rono
Lea is a modern woman caught in a patriarchal society where others judge her worth on her maternal abilities. Lea is a mother of two, both of which have different fathers, none of which Lea is married to. Although Lea is living with one of her children's fathers, she is a totally self-reliant parent... read more


rent Batanes
Batanes ( 2008 )
Starring:Daria Ramirez, Coco Martin, , Julio Diaz, Ken Zhu, Mike Tan, Sid Lucero
Directed by: Adolfo Alix, Jr.
A woman moves to Batanes to marry the love of her life, only to find him taken away by the sea that defines life on the island. As she mourns for her loss a year later, a Taiwanese man suddenly washes ashore, and a new chapter begins in this womans struggle with the sea.
... read more


Bayarang Puso
save Bayarang Puso
Bayarang Puso ( 2004 )
Starring:Carmina Villaroel, Aga Muhlach, Lorna Tolentino
The latest Jose Javier Reyes dramatic thunderbolt from Regal Films, "Bayarang Puso" which stars Aga Muhlach, Lorna Tolentino and Carmina Villaroel is a movie about decadence and materialism set against a backdrop of the most recent leisure class craze, ballroom dancing. Although the film makes obvio... read more


Beautiful Life
save Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life ( 2004 )
Starring:Ricky Davao, Reggie Curley, Raymond Bagatsing, Michelle Bayle, Maxene Magalona, , Jeffrey Hidalgo, Iya Villania, Gloria Romero, Dustin Reyes, Dina Bonnevie, Cristine Reyes, Aubrey Miles, Angel Aquino, Amy Austria
Directed by: Gil M Portes
Four wives. Three mothers. One mistress.

Eight women brought together by one twist of fate...Dina Bonnevie, Amy Austria, Aubrey Miles, Angel Aquino, Maxene Magalona, Michelle Bayle, Cristine Reyes, Iya Villana, and Miss Gloria Romero star in Beautiful Life as women whose lives are for... read more


rent Bente
Bente ( 2009 )
Starring:Iza Calzado, Jinggoy Estrada, Richard Gomez
Directed by: Mel Chionglo
A back to back treatment of a malaise which has shocked Philippine society for the past so many years: the mysterious disappearances and killings of Filipino journalists and activities.

The film focuses on a hard-hitting radio commentator and his conflict with a former classmate who i... read more