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Genre: Foreign

rent 3-iron
3-iron ( 2005 )
Starring:Jae Hee, Lee Seung-yeon
Directed by: Kim Ki-duk
Mysterious drifter Tae-suk enters other peoples' lives as easily as he breaks into their unoccupied homes. Instead of stealing their riches, he repays his hosts' unknowing hospitality by fixing broken items, cleaning up, even doing their laundry. But when he sneaks into a sprawling mansion, he disco... read more


An Empress & The Warriors
rent An Empress & The Warriors
An Empress & The Warriors ( 2010 )
Starring:Donnie Yen, Kelly Chen, Leon Lai
In the tradition of Seven Swords comes the action saga of a kingdom locked in a desperate battle for survival. Martial arts superstar Donnie Yen (Seven Swords) and Hong Kong Film Award winners Kelly Chen (Infernal Affairs) and Leon Lai (Seven Swords) team up as sword-wielding heroes on a quest to un... read more


Baby - Live Fast, Kill Young
rent Baby - Live Fast, Kill Young
Baby - Live Fast, Kill Young ( 2008 )
Starring:Aljarreau Galang, David Huynh, Feodor Chin, Ron Yuan, Tzi Ma
Directed by: Juwan Chung
BABY is the tragic tale of an Asian youth trapped in the seedy world of the hostess bars, pool halls, and drug dens that characterize East L.A. gang life.

Baby is a motherless 11-year-old with only an alcoholic father to raise him. His troubles multiply when he is taken under the win... read more


Basic Love
rent Basic Love
Basic Love ( 2010 )
Starring:Elanne Kwong, Janice Man, Rex Ho
A romantic story symphonized with the song of a triangular relationship between Ling (Elanna Kwong), June (Janice Man) and Rex (Rex Ho). Ling has leukemia since she was a child; she hides the true feeling and health condition from her best friends, Rex and June. June assists her mom to make a livin... read more


Beast Stalker
rent Beast Stalker
Beast Stalker ( 2010 )
Starring:Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung
Ace action director DANTE LAM (Beast Cops, Option Zero, Hit Team) is in top form once again with this raw, nail-bitingly intense action thriller, and with award-worthy emotional performances by Nicholas Tse (INVISIBLE TARGET and DRAGON TIGER GATE) and Nick Cheung (Connected, Johnnie To’s EXILED a... read more


Come Drink With Me
rent Come Drink With Me
Come Drink With Me ( 2010 )
Starring:Cheng Pei-Pei
Nearly four decades before Kill Bill, the groundbreaking Shaw Brothers classic Come Drink With Me set the bar for sword-wielding kung fu heroines. “A revelation in martial arts filmmaking” (Ross Chen,, it stars legendary fight queen Cheng Pei-Pei (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) ... read more


Dog Bite Dog
rent Dog Bite Dog
Dog Bite Dog ( 2006 )
Starring:Cheung Siu Fai, Edison Chen, Lai Yiu, Sam Lee
Directed by: Soi Cheang
All hell breaks loose when a renegade detective (Sam Lee, Invisible Target) squares off with a savage assassin (Edison Chen, Infernal Affairs trilogy) in a raging blood feud. After most of his team is viciously murdered, the obsessed detective goes to unthinkable extremes to track the killer and get... read more


Fatal Contact
rent Fatal Contact
Fatal Contact ( 2010 )
Starring:Jacky Wu Jing, Lam Suet
Hailed as the next Jet Li, rising martial arts star Jacky Wu Jing (Kill Zone) explodes off the screen in his first lead role as Kong, a kung fu Olympian recruited to compete on Hong Kong’s most dangerous underground fighting circuit.

As the stakes rise, he develops into an unstoppa... read more