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Genre: Comedy

 Oh, My Girl! (philippines) - 2009
rent  Oh, My Girl! (philippines) - 2009
Oh, My Girl! (philippines) - 2009 ( 2009 )
Starring:Judy Ann Santos, Manilyn Reynes, Nova Villa, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, Roderick Paulate, Sharon Cuneta, Kris Bernal, Carmi Martin
Directed by: Dante Nico Garcia
Little Opao (Dorothy Ann Perez) and Biboy (Jairus Aquino) grew up together in an orphanage in Taal, Batangas and promised themselves to be best friends forever. As they grow older they head into separate ways; to be adopted by their respective new parents.

Opao is adopted by a spinst... read more


AB Normal
save AB Normal
AB Normal ( 2020 )
Starring:Andrew E., Mikey Arroyo, Ogie Alcasid, Patricia Javier, Rufa Mae Quinto
Directed by: Al Tantay
Andres (Andrew E), Dominic (Ogie Alcasid) and Miguel (Mikey Arroyo), the schools most notorious students are challenged when the school participates in a quiz show to upgrade the image of the school.

With the gorgeous Professor Eula Yulo (Rufa Mae Quinto) as the mentor the three are ... read more


Agent X44
rent Agent X44
Agent X44 ( 2007 )
Starring:Vhong Navarro, Pokwang , Mariel Rodriguez
Directed by: Joyce Bernal
King (Vhong Navarro) is the best friend of Anton (Mura), who is the son of Tony Falcon (Tony Ferrer). As the two boys grow up, the differences between them is palpable. It becomes clear that although he is the smaller one, Anton is the smarter of the two. King has a visual impairment wherein he cann... read more


Ako Legal Wife: Mano Po 4?!
save Ako Legal Wife: Mano Po 4?!
Ako Legal Wife: Mano Po 4?! ( 2020 )
Starring:Cherry Pie Picache, Jay Manalo, Rufa Mae Quinto, Zsa Zsa Padilla
This is a riotous comedy drama about a lovely, wealthy Chinoy woman who suddenly feels old and unattractive when she discovers that her Chinoy husband is having an affair with not one, but two younger women!

Poor Chona Chong (ZSA ZSA PADILLA). On the surface, she seems to have eve... read more


American Adobo
save American Adobo
American Adobo ( 2020 )
Starring:Cherry Pie Picache, Christopher De Leon, Dina Bonnevie, Paolo Montalban
Directed by: Laurice Guillen
Five Filipino-American friends living in New York City deal with love, sex, friendship, careers, and cultural identity in this romantic comedy-drama directed by veteran Philippine actress Laurice Guillen. Tere Sanchez (Cherry Pie Picache) is an accountant who is in her early forties, single, and not... read more


Anak Ni Waray Vs. Anak Ni Biday Double W/ When I Fall In Love
save Anak Ni Waray Vs. Anak Ni Biday Double W/ When I Fall In Love
Anak Ni Waray Vs. Anak Ni Biday Double W/ When I Fall In Love ( 2020 )
Starring:Gloria Romero, Janice De Belen, Maricel Soriano, Nida Blanca, William Martinez
Anak Ni Waray Vs. Anak Ni Biday
- The friendship of Idang (Nida Blanca) and Biday (Gloria Romero), as well as their husbands Narding (Nestor De Villa) and Ely (Luis Gonzales) started when they won as a tie at couple's dance competition. The two couples have been bestfriends since then until... read more


Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo
rent Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo
Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo ( 2007 )
Starring:Luis Manzano, Anne Curtis, Ai Ai De Las Alas
Directed by: Wenn V. Deramas
The story revolves around Georgia, a patis manufacturer and a mother who is finally reunited with her long-lost daughter after 20 years of separation. Anne who plays Aiai’s daughter Christine, grew up in Australia and here we witness first hand how Anne uses her real-life Australian lineage to the... read more


Ang Darling Kong Aswang
rent Ang Darling Kong Aswang
Ang Darling Kong Aswang ( 2010 )
Starring:Christine Reyes, Jean Garcia, Joey De Leon, Vic Sotto
Directed by: Tony Y. Reyes
Eliza (Cristine Reyes) is the kind of aswang who is reluctant in eating human flesh. When Joaquin (Rafael Rosel), a wicked aswang, pressures her into marrying him or she and her mother Ida (Agot Isidro) will face tragic consequences, Eliza escapes to the city where a widower named Victor (Vic Sotto)... read more