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Genre: Action / Adventure

Agila Ng Maynila
rent Agila Ng Maynila
Agila Ng Maynila ( 2006 )
Starring:Paquito Diaz, Fernando Poe Jr.
Mauro Reyes (Fernando Poe Jr.) is an ex-policeman tag as a sharpshooter to the lawbreaker that managed to cope up with the death of his family and became a rescuer ...
In the verge opf adversity that has happened to his family, he beacme so depressed, self-centered and hopeless in lif, until ... read more


Anak Ng Kumander
rent Anak Ng Kumander
Anak Ng Kumander ( 2008 )
Starring:Ara Mina, Lara Morena, Manny Pacquiao, Roi Vinzon, Valerie Concepcion
The son of a rebel continues his father's work, hiding out in the mountains with a band of men, wreaking havoc on the corrupt officials who continue to oppress the people.

Using his unique code of honor, he metes out justice to all those who deserve punishment. But the life of a rebel... read more


Anak Ng Tondo
rent Anak Ng Tondo
Anak Ng Tondo ( 2009 )
Starring:Rudy Fernandez
As a baby, Berting(Rudy Fernandez) was abandoned by his father and was left inside a church only to be taken care of by a priest. After the priest died, he wandered around Tondo with his friends who also became his family. They formed a gang while making enemies with Medrano(George Estregan) and his... read more


Ang Agimat
save Ang Agimat
Ang Agimat ( 2020 )
Starring:Ramon Revilla, Sr., Ramon Revilla III, Ramon Revilla Jr.
Directed by: Augusto Salvador
Pao (Jolo Revilla) is a young schoolboy who inherits an amulet from his grandfather. But before he can use its power, he must first past three formidable tests to prove his strength and determination. After passing the two tests, Pao comes face to face with Paolo (Bong Revilla) - his grown-up alter ... read more


Ang Panday - 2009
rent Ang Panday - 2009
Ang Panday - 2009 ( 2010 )
Starring:Iza Calzado, Philip Salvador, Ramon Revilla Jr.
Directed by: Mac Alejandre
Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr. breathes new life to the legendary character Flavio, a legacy of the late icon Fernando Poe, Jr.

Flavio is a peace-loving blacksmith living in a town that faces destruction from evil encarnate, Lord Lizardo. One day, a comet lands on the outskirts of his home... read more


Ang Probinsyano
save Ang Probinsyano
Ang Probinsyano ( 2020 )
Starring:Amanda Page, Dindi Gallardo, Fernando Poe Jr.
The King of Philippine Cinema, FERNANDO POE Jr, stars as an honest policeman from the province who has just been transferred to the big city. His being "promdi" makes him the butt of many humiliating jokes thrown-in by Manila policemen who believe that their being city-bred guarantees their superior... read more


Ang Syota Kong Balikbayan
save Ang Syota Kong Balikbayan
Ang Syota Kong Balikbayan ( 2006 )
Starring:Fernando Poe Jr.
There is a budding romance between a jeepney driver played by the action king Fernando Poe Jr. and beauty queen Anjanette Agbayari, who has just returned home after living for years in the United States, much to the objection of nightclub hostess Maritoni. But before the lovetriangle could be resolv... read more


Apoy Sa Dibdib Ng Samar
rent Apoy Sa Dibdib Ng Samar
Apoy Sa Dibdib Ng Samar ( 2006 )
Starring:Dick Israel, Elizabeth Oropesa, Jess Lapi Jr., King Gutierrez, Roberto Gonzales, Amay Bisaya, Jess Sanchez, Vic Belaro, Mike Vergel
Daniel Giron (Mark Lapid) is an honest cop from the city who returns home to the province to aid his father in the latter's fight against illegal logging. But they find themselves up against the evil Don Valderos (Dick Israel), one of the most notorious and immoral illegal loggers in town, who also ... read more