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The Delightful Forest (2010)

The Delightful Forest
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Starring: Alexander Fu Sheng, Shen Chan, Te-kai Chan
Genre: Action / Adventure
Language: English
Special Feature: English Subtitle
Rating: Not rated
Review Rating:


Co-directed by Chang Cheh and Pao Hsueh-li, and written by Ni Kuang, Chang Cheh and Chin Shu-mei, The Delightful Forest revolved around the legendary hero Wu Sung (Ti Lung), who was sent to the prison in the Meng province after murdering his sister-in-law Lotus Pan and a local ruffian Hsi Men-ching.

There he was acquainted with the prison officer Golden Eye Shih En (Tien Ching), who saved Wu from the baton punishment required for new prisoners. Knowing he had owed Shih a favor, Wu decided to offer any help in return. It turned out that Shih s restaurant Delightful Forest was taken by the local thug Door God Chiang Chung (Chu Mu), with the support from the Meng officials and military trainers. The furious Wu decided to get Shih s restaurant back at all costs

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