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Bayaw (2010)

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Starring: Andrew Miguel
Directed by: Monti Parungao
Genre: Adult
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
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Bayaw is a story about the bound between two brothers-in-law. Nilo Vergara (Paolo Rivero) is a policeman who lives an ordinary life with his wife, Pia Jacinto (Kaye Alipio). Their lives take an unfortunate turn when Nilo looses his badge to a frame up and is forced to depend on Pia for his livelihood. Pia becomes burdened and resentful of the responsibility of taking care of hes husband and her drifter younger brother, Rhennan (Janvier Daily). One day, Rhennan witnesses Nilo accidentaly killing Pia after heated argument. Both in-laws decide to run from the law and become fugitives. Things get even more complicated when they meet up with Erick (Andrew Miguel), a mysterious stranger who complicates their lives. As the movie progresses, Eric's connection to the two in-laws and the real events behind the death of Pia is slowly revealed through shifts in character point-of-views and flashbacks. Visually edgy and groundbreaking. Bayaw is a movie that combines action, mystery suspense with the gay genre. It ultimately looks deep into the unique and complex relationship of two brothers-in-law that borders between family ties, brotherhood, camaraderie and love.

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