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Striptease, The Art Of Erotic Dancing (2009)

Striptease, The Art Of Erotic Dancing
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Starring: Gwen Garci, Myles Hernandez
Genre: Adult
Language: Filipino
Rating: Restricted Restricted
Review Rating:


Sway. Slide. Seduce.

Learn the art of striptease.

Watch, learn and flawlessly perform the ultimate art of seduction with the goddess of erotica, Viva Hot Babe Gwen Garci.

Let her be your guide while slowly mastering the art of undressing--- guaranteed to drive any man wild and out of his senses!

From slow undressing, lap dancing and pole dancing, Gwen will take you to a journey far beyond your wildest dreams.

Striptease is also a fun and creative way to maintain a well-toned, sexy body... to keep your lover wanting for more!

Shake your booty now and experience the art of undressing with Striptease--- the ultimate key to a man's heart.

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