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Dalaw (2009)

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Starring: Katrina Halili, Tonton Gutierrez
Genre: Horror / Suspense
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
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As desperate as to get a good story, Laarni (Katrina Halili) is a writer went to a town in Cavite to explore about spreading news that there is a ghost who is named Estela (Kristel Fulgar). As the rumor said, Estella usually visits young girls who had their first period.

As per Laarni’s research Estella had an unhappy family. Her parents Erning (Tonton Gutierrez) at Cleo (Glydel Mercado) are always fighting for the reason that her mother had a lover who is Amado (Mon Confiado).In one of their fights Erning killed Cleo in front of Estella which affected her badly.

And the battering started with Estella which has a deeper reason because her father is blaming her for the death of Cleo her mother. As Laarni is discovering the truth Estella is already haunting her. Can she unfold the mystery behind Estella or is he still going to be a victim….

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