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When I Met U (2009)

When I Met U
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Starring: Richard Gutierrez, KC Conception
Directed by: Joel Lamangan
Genre: Drama
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
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Jenny, a mall promodizer, hitches a ride on a seaplane with struggling pilot, Benjie, to attend a wedding in Palawan… Jenny’s boyfriend Albert and Benjie’s fiancée, Tracy, are both friends with the bride and the two thought it would be great for their respective partners, Jenny and Benjie, to join them in Palawan.

On the way to the wedding, Benjie and Jenny find themselves not getting along. But when the aircraft crashes into one of the islands in the Palawan area, the two are forced to deal with each other. They become friends and their adventure together ends up in a kiss that is supposed to be innocent and harmless.

The kiss however brings magic into their lives they begin seeing each other when they get back to the city. As their friendship deepens with all the romantic trappings, the two are confronted with their growing love for each other.

Jenny, a naïve girl whose only wish in life is to find and feel real love, realizes that her relationship with Albert, though stable, is only something that Albert enjoys as he takes control of everything… Jenny’s family, specially her mother, shares in Albert’s interest for Jenny to eventually become his wife. Jenny’s mother sees Albert as her daughter’s chance to a better life…

Tracy meanwhile spoils Benjie and his father with all the favors and gifts and money support just so she can manipulate Benjie into doing only what she wants, including staying with her. But Benjie knows he no longer loves Tracy.

Just as Benjie and Jenny acknowledge how they feel for each other, their secret “friendship” blows out in the open forcing Albert and Tracy to join forces and stop the two from seeing each other…

But can true love be stopped by any force on earth? For Benjie and Jenny, they now know that love is not about what is right… but is about what’s real.

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