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Scaregivers (2009)

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Starring: Iza Calzado, Paolo Contis
Genre: Comedy
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


In the story, Jose and Wally are small-time crooks. Pretending to be “old rich hags” wanting to buy jewelries, they swindled a jewelry store of two diamond-studded rings costing P2 million in broad daylight. Caught afterwards even without their disguises, the only way to protect themselves was for Wally to swallow both rings.

So the only time they could see the rings was for Wally to “flush it out” of his system but because different “harmful” situations presented itself to them, he had to swallow them back immediately. However gross that may sound, on film that scene is safe and wholesome for everyone to watch. Its director Uro dela Cruz was simply creative enough to let the scenes, conversations and reactions of Jose paint a clear picture where the diamond rings came from!

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