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Kurap (2009)

Rent Kurap

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Starring: Sherwin Ordonez
Directed by: Roni Bertubin
Genre: Adult
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


Ambet is a small-time pickpocket lurking in the busy streets of Metro Manila. Together with his gang of young criminals, he steals things and sells them the easiest way possible....through bribery and corruption. Meanwhile Ambet's only sister, Luchie, is afflicted with glaucoma, a disease which causes slow blindness of the eye.

Ambet's illegal income is not enough to sustain the two of them let alone Luchie's sickness. Marlon will then enter the picture. He is a cunning cameraman who is always chasing for a video material on petty street crimes, prostitution and prohibited drugs. His hidden camera is constantly on the hunt for juicy stories which he is peddling to his piblicity-hungry client, the television network.

As Luchie's eye condition aggravates, Ambet will agree to work to Marlon as an "undercover agent". Ambet will be caught in a delimma and will eventually betray his comrades all in the name of love and money. In the blink of an eye, deceit and deception will be exposed. Corruption and greed will consume them leading to their own death and destruction. Will their good intentions justify their tragic end?

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