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Shake Rattle & Roll X (2009)

Shake Rattle & Roll X
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Starring: Gerald Anderson, Jean Garcia, John Lapuz, Kim Chiu, , , Marian Rivera, Mylene Dizon, Pekto -
Directed by: Michael Tuviera
Genre: Horror / Suspense
Language: Filipino
Special Feature: English Subtitle
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


Ten Signifies the extremes! Shake, Rattle and Roll 10 vows to deliver extreme blood curdling screams on the silverscreen this December! With its three terrifying new stories (Emergency, Class Picture and Nieves) masterfully crafted by ace directors: Michael Tuviera and Toppel Lee, Shake 10 shall transcend your fears to absolute terror!

Mastering an A-list cast from two giant networks, SRR 10 brilliantly features Marian Rivera, Roxanne Guinoo, JC De Vera, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Jean Garcia, Mylene Dizon, Wendell Ramos, Diana Zubiri, Janus Del Prado, John Lapus, Jennica Garcia, !C Mendoza, Robert Villar, Iwa Moto, Erich Gonzales, Nina Jose, Pekto, Charles Christianson, Desiree Del Valle, Marco Alcaraz, Luis Alandy and many more.

Director Michael Tuviera and writer Ellen Estrada shall immerse us in a hot bloodbath with the first episode entitled - EMERGENCY. When an obscure hospital becomes the target of wrathful blood hungry creatures (Mylene Dizon and Wendell Ramos), Jay (JC De Vera) the paramedic and his beloved Dr. Sarah (Roxanne Guinoo) must struggle together with other hospital residents to save their lives.

HElmed by Director Toppel Lee and penned by Cheryl Narvasa, the second episode - CLASS PICTURE shows us a mind blowing image of death. Ten college students spend the weekend at their school to prepare an exhibit in exchange for lifting the suspension of their organization. But instead of getting busied with paper maches, and presentation, they find themselves haunted by the awakened spirit of a demented nun, later known as Sr. Maria Belonia, who has put a curse on a class picture of her section in 1898.

NIEVES blends comedy, suspense and fantasy in one iconic episode, Director Michael Tuviera and writer Penny Tuviera team up for SRR 10's last episode. Nieves - is the town's famous and well-loved Engkanto Slayer. But when strange and unexplainable attacks begin to strike the whole town, Nieves (Marian Rivera), together with her slayer in trainings: Junie (Robert Villar) and Kaysee (Jennica Garcia) have vowed to save the townsfolk from extinction.

SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL 10 will surely be an exception for 2008's Metro Manila Film Festival, taking everyone to the extremes with the freshest batch of horrific stories, an ensemble of today's biggest and brightest stars and eyepopping Hollywood standard visual effects.

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