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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (2009)

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
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Starring: Eddie Garcia, Gabby Conception, Maricel Soriano, Vilma Santos
Directed by: Emmanuel H. Borlaza
Genre: Classics
Language: Filipino
Special Feature: English Subtitle
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


After a string of unsuccessful relationships with different men . Corina (Vilma Santos) finally settles down with Teodolfo/Teddy (Eddie Garcia), an old widowed man whose daughter, Ana(Maricel Soriano) and sister Julita(Rosemarie Gil), never approved of his new wife.
In her best attempt of being a good wife and stepmother to her new family, Corina gets smitten by Neil(Gabby Conception), a married man with a kid whom she had an affair with. Things get haywire as Corina starts to feel guilty about cheating on Teddy who has been good to her.

Ana also discovers her adulterous acts and tries to kick her out of the family. Just when Neil is ready to leave his wife Vicky(Snooky Serna) and their kid for Corina, everything turns around when Teddy's death revealed a secret changed their lives forever.

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