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Komiks- Televideo Vol. 1 (2009)

Komiks- Televideo Vol. 1
Rent Komiks- Televideo Vol. 1

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Starring: J.C. De Vera, Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo
Directed by: Wenn V. Deramas
Genre: Television
Language: Filipino
Special Feature: English Subtitle
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


- Inday Bote
Inday is a Tomboyish young lady who lives with her younger brother Onyong. Inday and Onyong's father died and they are now left in the company of their bad and ugly step mom tiya Fara and step sister Sara. Inday and Onyong work together in the streets pushing cart collecting and peddling old used bottles. Inday is inlove with the pesky but charming Balut vendor, Greg whom Inday step sister Sara pursues.
Unknown to Inday and Onyong, there are seven dwarves trapped by the dwarf queen inside the bottle. They will only be set free if someone opens the bottle. What follows are a series of riotous twists and turns as each dwarf casts a spell in an effort to make inday open the bottle.

- Blusang Itim
An ugly girl named Jessa found an old blouse which possesses the power to make her beautiful. She uses it to make Angelo, the man of her dreams, fall for her. But Melchor, her childhood friend, professed his undying love for the ugly Jessa. Jessa is now torn between the man she loves and the man who loves her despite her physical appearance.

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