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Dyesebel - Vol.6 (2008)

Dyesebel - Vol.6
Rent Dyesebel - Vol.6

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Starring: DingDong Dantes, Jean Garcia, Marian Rivera, Rufa Mae Quinto
Genre: Television
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


The most anticipated and most extravagant serialization of the original pinay mermaid si finally here Mars Ravelo's DYESEBEL. A breathtaking under the sea adventures of Dyesebel (Marian Rivera) and her journey to be with her true love Fredo (Dingdong Dantes) has created a nationwide fever made people rush home everynight so as not to miss any episode. Dyesebel is one of the classic comics creations of Mars Ravelo which was adapted as a movie several times since 1953. With Dyesebel, Marain's versatility as an actress will further unveil as she gives a new life and a fresh twist to this sparkling story which is expected to totally strip her off from the character ofMarimar, the phenomenal primetime program that launched her to stardom.
Dyesebel is all about a mermaid's passionate desire to enter the world of humans. Unknown to many, the real reason behind her boldness is a fervent hope and wish to see once more the man she loves, Fredo. He becomes the object of Dyesebel dreams.
With the power of love binding them, will Dyesebel find ways to be with the man she loves? Will she violate the kingdom's sacred rule, that is never fall in love with humans? What will Dyesebel give up to live like human? How will Amafura (Rufa Mae Quinto), a mystical sea creature, be able to help Dyesebel? And what of life awaits her in Fredo's world where people like Betty (Bianca King) will do anything just to get Fredo? Will Fredo continue to love her even if he finds out that Dyesebel isa mermaid?

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