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Lobo - Dvd Volume 11 (2008)

Lobo - Dvd Volume 11
Rent Lobo - Dvd Volume 11

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Starring: Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual
Directed by: FM Reyes
Genre: Television
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
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Lyka succeeds in saving her race from the red moon, and she intends to celebrate it with Nah, by no less than getting married. But the supposedly happy moment gets marred by a number of nasty attacks against men and werewolf alike-all perpetrated by Anton in an attempt to steal Lyka from Noah. And yet another dilemma has burned the couple; Lyka is now incapable of transforming back into human form. This renders an inevitable confrontation between remus ans Noah, to determine Lyka' fate. Will Lyka spend the rest of her life as a wolf or will Noah prevail to bring back to her human form.

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