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Pandanggo (2008)

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Directed by: Don Cuaresma
Genre: Drama
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


PANDANGGO has three stories with parallel themes converging in one event, the Kasilonawan Festival in Obando.

The first story is about a wife wish to conceive a baby boy to make her husband happy brings her to the festival, but fate has a diferrent plan of bringing the child into her life.
The second is that of a career woman learning to dance the tango, while she becomes torn between her dance classmate and live-in partner and has to choose the man who will satisfy her dream of raising a family.
Third and lastly, a modern woman who, despite her medical condition that might render her childless for the rest of her life, finds connection with an ancient lore about fertility.
"The Pandanggo is the movement of the feet, hands and hips so that the spirit of life can enter the womb."

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