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Lobo - DVD Volume 9 (2008)

Lobo - DVD Volume 9
Rent Lobo - DVD Volume 9

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Starring: Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual
Directed by: FM Reyes
Genre: Television
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


Tragedy brings together the lives of young Ulay (Sharelene San Pedro) and Jayjay (Jacob Dionisio), and they spend their childhood as best of friends in the rural bliss of San Adolfo where Ulay was abandoned by her mother Ness (Agot Isidro) and where Jayjay witnessed his father's death.

Soon separated by another misfortune, they only meet again as grownups Lyka (Angel Locsin) and Noah (Piolo Pascual) in a world so different from where they once thrived: in the fashion house of Lady Elle (Pilar Pilapil) where Lyka works as a personal assistant and Noah as a military deep penetration agent in the guise of Lady Elle's bodyguard on a mission to crack a supposed syndicate behind the fashion empire.

This togetherness paves the way for thier rediscovery of each other through the moonstone, and later, a love that will be tested when they find out their real identities and the fate set forth for them at birth: Noah as the Luna who has been groomed to annihilate the clan of part-human part-wolf Lobo that killed his father...the clan which Lyka serves as the last hope and savior.

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