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Torotot (2009)

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Starring: Baron Geisler, Maui Taylor, Precious Adona, Yul Servo
Directed by: Maryo J. De Los Reyes
Genre: Adult
Language: Filipino
Rating: Parental Guidance Suggested. Parental Guidance Suggested.
Review Rating:


Torotot explores the story of two couples, why and how their marriages crumble and how their infidelity and passions have brought them tragic endings.

LEO, a very straight yet very vain art director of ad agency loves his wife MARIE (a veterinarian) so much that’s why he’s so upset that she’s too preoccupied with her pets. She spends more time with her dogs than attending to his needs. This neglect causes Leo to have a brief affair with his AE. He gets the girl pregnant but had the baby aborted.

Too bad, Marie learns about the affair and even confronts the girl only a few days the couple resolves to work on their rocky relationship again. Devastated, Marie meets up with her dog trainer and out of anger and sudden burst of passion, the two had an erotic tryst right on top of the vet’s table. Leo barges in and caught them in the act. Leo grabs a scalpel and slits their throats.

RITA and GABBY share different opinion regarding the tragic incident. Rita, Gabby’s wife happens to be Marie’s best friend and she knows about Leo’s hanky-panky. Marie never kept secrets from her. While GABBY, the arrogant husband defends best pal, LEO because he also knew how Leo practically begs for Marie’s attention, more so to have sex with him.

Amidst all these, GABBY and RITA unknowingly share the same marital problem. While Gabby is sexually active in bed, he also suffers pre-mature ejaculation. He only cares for his satisfaction. Rita on the other hand, the very subservient, bored wife is in a continuous denial that their relationship is still okay. This is until she meets the very aggressive GASTON (the married meat vendor) and awakens her appetite for lust and forbidden passion.

Will Garry also end up killing his wife just like his best friend Leo?

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