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Raket Ni Nanay (2008)

Raket Ni Nanay
Rent Raket Ni Nanay

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Starring: Mark Gil, Sarsi Emmanuel
Directed by: Lawrence Fajardo
Genre: Drama
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
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Badong, an established painter, comes home and returns to his old studio. He has a piece in mind that requires a specific model to pose nude. He wants Mimosa, his former nude model and ex live-in partner. Years ago, Mimosa left him for another man.

Though he hates Mimosa for abandoning him during his struggling years, he profoundly yearns to paint Mimosa's naked body once more. It is at this point where his hatred walks hand-in-hand with his passion.

Mimosa accepts his offer to pose nude, born out of grave necessity. She needs the oddly hefty fee for her child's operation. With the approval of her husband, she reluctantly spruces herself up, and prepares to face the ghost of her past.

Aside from fearing Badong's wrath, Mimosa feels unworthy of a nude session, as motherhood has taken its toll on her physique. Stretch marks, love handles, and sagged breasts now overshadow her charm. Still, she embarks on a night of painting sessions, all for some extra bucks.

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