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Seroks (0000)

Rent Seroks

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Starring: Maria Isabel Lopez, Mystika , Neil Ryan Sese
Directed by: Ed Lajano
Genre: Adult
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


The psychological drama “Seroks" centers on a Xerox operator who works in a small-time duplicating shop. A mysterious woman moves into the boarding house above the shop and their fateful encounter sets into motion a recurring pattern of duplicating elements that reflect the film’s title.

Fusing elements of the Hitchcock-style thriller and film noir, Lito the hapless operator in a shop called Seroks, soon discovers that Mina, the femme fatale character, is a fugitive of some sorts. She has fled the luxury condominium she used to share with her businessman lover who just died under mysterious circumstances.

Set in the vibrant district of Recto, the story of Lito and Mina is complemented by a range of colorful characters who each have their own stories. The film climaxes with the revelation of surprising plot twists that seals the fates of its characters who reflects the pattern of repeating elements in the plot. By the film's end, its interwinning events and recurring characters converge, all of them subjected to a "xeroxed" fate.

A richly textured drama set amidst contemporary realities of piracy and forgery as it tackles the nature of identities, whether genuine or fake... this is the intriguing premise of "Seroks".

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