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Resiklo (2008)

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Starring: Bong Revilla, DingDong Dantes, Jennylyn Mercado, Paolo Contis, Roi Vinzon, TJ Trinidad
Directed by: Mark A. Reyes
Genre: Action / Adventure
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


2021, the not too distant future. A global devastation that was brought about by an alien invasion has left the whole planet in shambles. In the Philippines, a rag-tag group of survivors strives to survive in a secret sanctuary called “Paraiso”.

Crisval Sarmiento, an ex-military colonel, is the reluctant leader that defends the whole compound from two threats. That of the Mutanos” or mutated humans serving the insect like alien race (aptly called “Balangs” by the humans) and the alien invaders themselves.

Crisval, together with other human survivors soon discover the real reason that the “Balangs” have invaded the planet earth… the conversion of humans to serve their needs.

In order to survive, they must go up against a technologically-advanced alien race using robots they have engineered from recycled parts of derelict everyday machines and military components.

In the midst of this war for human survival, love and faith become the greatest weapons of the human race.

This is a story of the human spirit fighting against a malevolent force out to destroy the only place we call home.

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