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Lupin Vol. 7 ( Episode 69-81 ) (2008)

Lupin Vol. 7 ( Episode 69-81 )
Rent Lupin Vol. 7 ( Episode 69-81 )

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Starring: Janno Gibbs, Katrina Halili, Rhian Denise Ramos, Richard Gutierrez
Genre: Television
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
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Lupin unfolds a compelling story of trials, tragedy, success and love. With sleek and luxurious sports cars, breath-taking and action-packed scenes, and a swoon-worthy romantic tale.

Lupin will surely captivate the viewer's attention. Witness the adventures of a young man trapped in his past of which love had yet to set free.

Lupin is a veteran thief trained by his father Duroy. Seeking to turn over a new leaf, Lupin decided to quit his job as a thief to marry his girlfriend. Fearing of losing his greatest asset, his father made a collusion with the Maskardo Gang to ruin his son’s dreams by assassinating his girlfriend Angelie, then killing the perpetrators so that there will be no evidences. Despite of this, Lupin learned of his father’s treachery and is now devising a plan to avenge Angelie without ending up behind bars.

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