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Faces Of Love (2008)

Faces Of Love
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Starring: Alfred Vargas, Angel Locsin, Christopher De Leon, Juliana Palermo
Directed by: Eddie Romero
Genre: Drama
Language: Filipino
Special Feature: English Subtitle
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


Don Arcadio Silvestre (Christopher de Leon) surprises his partners in a special meeting with a unique agenda. He wants to find the person who has been writing him anonymous letters over the past 10 years after the death of his beloved wife.

Toby Villamor (Alfred Vargas), a criminal defense specialist with a police background, is tasked to do the job.

Don Arcadio’s brother Mariano (Chinggoy Alonso) talks to his wife, Olivia (Chanda Romero). He expresses concern over his brother’s foolish quest. Their daughter Skip (Juliana Palermo), who is more attached to her Uncle Arcadio than any of them, refuses to hear any of it. She walks out on them.

The road to finding the identity of the letter writer leads to many twists and turns. Toby, who is joined by Skip, tracks down Ligaya (Angel Aquino), who is the object of an obsessive policeman’s attention. Major Zabala (Bembol Roco) gets in their way. Ligaya, who served as nurse to Don Arcadio’s late wife, seems to have insurgent connections as seen through her deceased husband and a friend (Jackie Aquino) who is also the wife of a detainee.

When Maj. Zabala arrests Toby for ‘obstruction of an investigation’, Skip brings her gay lawyer-friend (Mon Confiado) to the rescue.

As if all is not complicated enough, Skip’s fiancé Hector (Rodel Velayo), a rich scion, gets jealous of Toby.

All’s well that ends well. The quest for a letter writer becomes a quest for love, which Don Arcadio and Ligaya, Toby and Skip, find in the end.

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