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Road Trip Goes To Hongkong And Beijing (2008)

Road Trip Goes To Hongkong And Beijing
Rent Road Trip Goes To Hongkong And Beijing

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Starring: Epy Quizon, Eric Quizon
Genre: Documentary
Language: Filipino
Special Feature: English Subtitle
Rating: Unrated Unrated
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Join wacky brothers, Eric and Epy Quizon as they take us to another fun filled adventure and discovery on two of Asia’s numero uno travel hotspots: HONGKONG AND BEIJING.

First stop: HONGKONG

Eric and Epy will prove to us that Hong Kong is really the shopping haven of Asia. Hop on as they tour us t Hong Kong’s most fabulous shopping are as such as: Murray House, Ladies’ Market, Bird Street, Flower Market, Goldfish Market and the well-known bargain hunters’ paradise – Stanley Street.

Second Stop: BEIJING

After the shopping galore in Hong Kong, the comic duo zooms their way to Beijing as they dare to explore China’s ancient wonders such as: Imperial Palace, Temple of Heaven, Bei Hai Park (Oldest Imperial Garden), Summer Place and the world’s longest human-made structure – The Great Wall of China.

Informative and snappy, Roadtrip guarantees an ultimate joyride of discovery and learning on the rich and fascinating culture of Hong Kong and Beijing.

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