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M2M Masahe (2007)

M2M Masahe
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Genre: Adult
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


Your touch.... our fantasy.... Touch- physical contact no matter its form brings about profound changes in our bodies and minds.

Mula sa isang mainit na yakap, malumanay na dampi, o matinding lapat ng katawan.... kinakailangan ng tao ang mahawakan, mahipo at maramdaman....

And even if our culture still frowns on physical contact-especially between men, M2M Masahe will serves as your guide to the benefits of intimate touch...

Discover the path to greater fulfillment through time-tested massage techniques- and learn the secrets of the sooching strokes of full body and sensual massage. Heto na ang ating gabay sa kakaibang pagpapaligaya ng ating katawan...

Masahe mula sa kapwa lalake. M2m Masahe.... handa ka na ba pare?

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