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Inang Yaya (2007)

Inang Yaya
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Starring: Maricel Soriano, Sunshine Cruz, Zoren Legaspi
Directed by: Pablo Biglangawa
Genre: Drama
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


Norma (Maricel Soriano) straddles between two worlds as mother to Ruby and nanny to Louise. When Norma takes Ruby to the city to live with Louiseā€™s family, the two girls struggle to share the woman they both fiercely love.

Everyday is a balancing act for Norma as she deals with her demanding ward and her headstrong daughter; a generous employer and her opinionated mother-in-law; the desire for a good life and the need to survive.

Veering away from the stereotypical melodrama, Inang Yaya portrays the Filipino nanny with veracity and shows both her strengths and vulnerability. The film imparts valuable lessons, and inspires the audience to stand for the difficult choices one has to make in life.

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