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Maalala Mo Kaya - Gay Episodes (2007)

Maalala Mo Kaya - Gay Episodes
Rent Maalala Mo Kaya - Gay Episodes

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Starring: , Carlo Aquino, Gardo Verzosa, Jiro Manio, Roderick Paulate, Rustom Padilla, TJ Trinidad
Directed by: Cathy Garcia-molina
Genre: Television
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
Review Rating:


CAKE: Ronald (Gardo Versoza) and Rod (Rustom Padilla) are both OFWs working in the same company in Saudi Arabia. They become very close friends especially when Ronald finds out that his wife in Manila left him leaving their children with his family. Out of depression, Ronald commits suicide by jumping from the building where they're staying. Luckily, despite the damage to his body caused by the accident, he survives. This starts a closer and deeper relationship between the two.

CELLPHONE: Yvonne (Joross Gamboa) is a native of Bohol who leaves his hometown to pursue his dreams in Manila. A gay such as he, is not accepted in his province. Later he decides to go back to his family but because of his sexuality, his family denies his return. He then, stays with his aunt and cousin's place. Through an unidentified number, a relationship starts. Unknown to Yvonne, the person he's in relationship with is his cousin's friend Jordan (TJ Trinidad). Fate will determine if their relationship will continue once Jordan finds out who he really is.

"MANIKANG PAPEL" Dodong (Jiro Manio) and Nitoy (Carlo Aquino) are brothers who live without proper care and guidance from their parents. As a young boy, Dodong feels that he's different from his brother. He is gay. Despite his sexuality, his brother Nitoy, loves him so much. They've been through a lot in life especially when Nitoy losses sanity. To support his brother's medication, Dodong enters gay prostitution. He gets beaten up all the time by his customers but prostitution is the only way he knows how to survive and help Nitoy.

"JUICE" Bundang (Roderick Paulate) is a gay beautician who is so in love with Baduday (Aiza Seguerra), a barangay watcher. At first, Baduday hates Bundang so much until an unimaginable incident happens one night. Drunk and seem unconscious, they share the night together in bed. One thing leads to another until Bundang realizes that Baduday is a woman. She gets pregnant and gets to like Bundang. Together, they face life's hurdles as they raise their child in a community where gay marriages are not accepted.

"CAKE" Rustom Padilla & Gardo Versoza "CELLPHONE" Joross Gamboa & TJ Trinidad "MANIKANG PAPEL" Carlo Aquino & Jiro Manio "JUICE" Roderick Paulate & Aiza Seguerra

DIRECTORS : Nuel Crisostomo Naval, Jerry Jeturian, Cathy Garcia-Molina

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