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Shake Rattle & Roll 8 (2007)

Shake Rattle & Roll 8
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Starring: Joseph Bitangcol, Keana Reeves, Keempee De Leon, Manilyn Reynes, Nash Aguas, Sheryl Cruz
Directed by: Michael Tuviera
Genre: Horror / Suspense
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
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In LRT, passengers get stranded in the train station where a monstrous creature soon makes its presence known. With nowhere to run, will they be able to see another day? In Yaya, Benjo, a young boy who likes to tell made-up stories, discovers that his nanny is a vampire. But since no one would believe him, how will he convince anyone that this time he’s telling the truth? In 13th Floor, party planners are tasked to organize an event at the 13th floor of a new condominium. Chucking superstition, they go on with the party but soon find that the superstitions could be real.

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