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Sexposed (2006)

Rent Sexposed

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Starring: Katya Santos
Genre: Adult
Language: Filipino
Rating: Unrated Unrated
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You asked for more. You screamed for more. Now, the luscious ladies of the Philippine moviedom are giving in to your feverish desires. Enjoy a hefty serving of the hottest scenes ever to scorch the screens. This is the fourth volume of the sought-after fleshfest video, hosted by our favorite Sex Guru Asia Agcaoli.
Meet the ultimate Pinoy sex goddesses in some of their most memorable and titilating skin clips, featuring a string of precious finds - Rosanna, Joyce, Rica, Maui, Katya, Izza, Ynez, Criselda, Daisy, Sabrina M, plus the rest of the Hot Babes. Indulge in the exciting history of local sexdom- from bomba, ST, TT ... and a dash of exclusive "pene"-kula. Learn the top male sexual fantasies. Peek into unforgettable local voyeur films. Ditch the bedroom and discover the top love shacks to romp in. So take a seat and let Asia lead you to a world you have never been before. Yuo'll find yourself coming back more.

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