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Sizzling Sex Scenes (2005)

Sizzling Sex Scenes
Rent Sizzling Sex Scenes

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Starring: Ara Mina, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Angela Velez, Ana Capri, Aubrey Miles, Hazel Espinosa, Ina Raymundo, Klaudia Koronel
Genre: Adult
Language: Filipino
Rating: Restricted Restricted
Review Rating:


Whatever its name, whether bomba or bold, FF or TF, the sexy film has been a staple of Philippine Cinema since the early Seventies. Regal Films has been making the big screen sizzle longer than any other movie company in the Philippines today. What you hold in your hands is the most titillating compilation of love scenes ever collected, representing two decades of goddesses of Philippine movies, Sizzling Sex Scenes Volume 01 is the climax after climax of love, lust and desire.

SIZZLING SEX SCENES Volume 01 contains UNCUT love scenes
from the following films:

Xerex, Sex Files, Kamay Ni Eva, Laman, Pila Balde, Shame (2000)
Two Timer, Tuhog, Scorpio Nights

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